Sunday, October 10, 2010

Amy & Matt's Save the Date

I had the chance to design a very cool vintage Save the Date Postcard for Amy & Matt (referred to me by the lovely Joan of Five Grain Events).

When Amy and I first started on the design she had been looking to make an e-Save the Date that would be emailed out. We ended up transitioning to a snail mail Save the Date Postcard instead. Side Note - for any couples that are wondering whether to go paperless - keep in mind that all of your recipients may not be fluent in the computer world and that could mean missed Rsvp's. Also, since paper is a renewable resource (many paper companies have taken great measures to reduce their carbon footprint) and many printers are turning to eco-friendly inks, going with a paper version for your Invitation or Save the Date is actually an eco-friendly move.

Details for Amy & Matt's Save the Date Postcard:
• 110# Natural White Cover Stock - this paper was FSC Certified,
100% Carbon Neutral and manufactured with 100% renewable energy

• Digitally Printed with an
environmentally friendly printing company
• 2-sided Postcard
• Size: 4" x 6"
• Colors: chocolate brown and a muted gold
• Theme: 20's/30's Vintage

Amy & Matt had an adorable picture (
taken by a friend) that they wanted to use on the front of the card. This picture set the theme for the overall look of the Save the Date.

Thanks Amy & Matt for letting me be a part of the creation of your very special day!

This Save the Date was also featured on the Five Grain Events' blog:

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Two New Photography Logo Designs

This past summer I've had the pleasure of working on some great projects - two of which included designing logos for two fabulous photographers - Marcia from Classy Kids Photography and Beryl from Be Young Photography.

Both clients were kind enough to describe their experience working with Lily Red Design on their blogs, so I've included links to their posts below. I just want to thank both of these wonderful ladies for their support and trusting me to design their vision!

Client: Classy Kids Photography
Blog post:

Client: Be Young Photography
Blog post:

© 2010 Lily Red Design

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An American Flea Market

I won't go into why I've been on a blogging hiatus recently except to say that it's been an extremely busy last couple of months! In fact I realized that my last post was around the same time that I started my Fundamentals of Digital Photography class at the Chicago Photography Center.

The class lasted around 7 weeks and I learned so much! Not just about how to use my camera but also about the art of photography and a bit about photojournalism that I had never even considered. Did you know that a photojournalist can't request someone to move or pose in a certain way when setting up a shot?
Click here to find out the rest of their code of ethics.

Our final class project was to tell a photo story using the following elements as a guide:

1. Headline
2. Scene Setter or Overall Image
3. Sense of Place
4. Environmental Portrait
5. Close-up Portrait
6. Human Emotion
7. Interaction
8. Relevant Detail
9. Closing Image/Ender

So without further blabbing - here is my final project entitled, "An American Flea Market"

Also excited to share that I was mentioned in a few of my friend's blog posts (below). Just wanted to give all of these talented folks a shout out - not only have they been great friends, they've also been great teachers!

Special Thanks to:
Jenn Gaudreau of Jennifer Kathryn Photography | Jenn let me second shoot with her on this engagement session

Joan Cinquegrani of Five Grain Events | Check out Joan's blog which features the latest people/vendors she's been meeting with

Otto Rascon of Otto Rascon Photography | Otto let me be his "dos shooter" for this wedding

Picture credits for "An American Flea Market": © 2010 Suzy Rohan

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lily Red Design Feature: Mulberry Lane Photography | Logo & Business Card Design

Mulberry Lane Photography is owned by my dear friend Trudy Engel - whom I met at a Me Ra Koh Workshop in Minneapolis last fall. Trudy asked for a logo that was feminine and whimsical and that also incorporated an icon (a mulberry). We decided to create two versions - a logo that could stand on it's own and another version that incorporated an old fashioned type of sign - to play off of the sense of place. Trudy is such a sweet person and a truly talented photographer!


Business Cards:

Trudy specializes in children's portraiture & lifestyle photography. If you live in or around Columbus, GA (or the surrounding areas) and would like to book a shoot with Trudy, please email her at mulberrylane (at) charter (dot) net.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Meet Charli (aka Cheeks)

I had so much fun photographing my friend Sara's baby - Charli - or as I like to call her, "Cheeks"... What a cute little bundle!

This is their cat - Pickles. He was willing to be part of our photo shoot - as long as he didn't have to move from his favorite spot...

Cheeks liked this Bunny hat just about as much as Ralphie liked his bunny suit in the Christmas Story... how adorable!

Happy Easter!

Picture credits: © 2010 Suzy Rohan

Friday, March 26, 2010

Lily Red Design Feature

Ollie Wren Photography | Logo Design by Lily Red Design
Ollie Wren Photography is owned by Emily Anderson, an Orlando based lifestyle photographer, focusing on babies, kids, families, seniors, couples and maternity. Emily and I connected through Me Ra Koh's SOAR! site. Although she already had a website and an existing wordmark, Emily was looking for a change. The first step was deciding on whether or not to change the name of her company, a tough decision to make when you've already established your corporate identity. After some thought, Emily decided to go with Ollie Wren Photography. Since the name references a wren, the perfect icon to use was bird, but in a playful and whimsical way, since Emily's photography focuses on families and children. Other key elements to incorporate were playful colors and hand-drawn elements.

Here is the final logo:

Also check out Emily's website & blog:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Sneak Peek...

at something sweet...

A couple of weeks ago my friend Jen & I had the opportunity to photograph Owen, who was just 2 weeks old at the time. What a cutie pie and such a good baby! Here's a sneak peek...

Picture credits: © 2010 Suzy Rohan

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Letterpress Love

Hello neglected blog,
It's been a while...

I thought I would make my reappearance with a little clip that I found on Studio on Fire's blog - what I would've given to have had a letterpressed lost dog poster when I was a kid - nowadays that would cost you a pretty penny!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Loretta Lux

I can't remember how I heard about Loretta Lux (a German photographer/painter) - most likely through another blog somewhere, but I do remember being completely mesmerized and haunted by the other-worldly looking subjects in her mixed media works of art.

Loretta photographs her subjects, removes the background (via computer) and substitutes a background from her stash of paintings. The effect - well, you'll see...

all images are copyright protected © Loretta Lux, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Medieval Times

This post was inspired by my husband, Steve. For our date night (yes - we have date night) last Saturday, he surprised me by taking me on the most romantic date ever - to Medieval Times. Ok - maybe it is a little cheesy (ok more than a little) , but I loved it! I've been wanting to go to Medieval Times forever...

Needless to say we had a blast eating with our hands (that took me a second to figure out - I was about to ask for silverware) and cheering on our knight (Don Temple, Warrior of Asturius - or as we referred to him, the "green" knight) - who turned out to be the evil one that wanted to overthrow the king. I'm telling you - there was quite a bit of drama - and drunken name calling (courtesy of the birthday party behind us). If you're able to not take yourself too seriously and like eating with your hands, I highly suggest going!

Along with some shots of our visit to Medieval Times (iphone quality photos - yikes), I've included a few medieval inspired etsy items (links below).

1. wychbury (
Royal and Rhinestone Tudor Bobby Pins)
2. JRoseAtelier (
Burnt rose Neo-Victorian fingerless gloves)
3. BindMe (
Black and Chestnut Medieval Fleur de Lis Leather Journal Book)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Q: What should you do when you're in a pickle?

Answer: Start a pickle company!

I just received an email from my favorite pickle producer, Rick's Picks. I used to buy their pickle products at the Union Square Green Market when I lived in NYC and I always wondered what the story was behind the company - this is a nice little feature that explains it all... and if you haven't tried Rick's Picks get yourself to the condiment aisle of Whole Foods! My favorites are the Mean Beans and the Windy City Wasabeans.

Clip & Blurb from The Pickle Blog

The inside scoop from Rick’s Picks.

Recently, I told the story of Rick’s Picks to Fox News… it will air next Monday, February on their evening news program with Sheppard Smith some time between 7 and 8 PM EST. You can also see it here.

Credits: © 2010 Rick's Picks

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Self Portraits

I've decided to follow along with the photography assignments on Me Ra Koh's SOAR! site and share them with you. The first assignment was somewhat daunting here's why...

Directions for Photography Exercise #1
The first SOAR! Photography Exercise is all about “Doing the Deeper Work”.  This is a Self Portrait Photography Exercise. You will take TWO Self Portraits.  One image will have you in the photo.  The second one will be an object that symbolizes you.  Both Self Portraits are meant to document where you are in your journey of life.  When you think about this present season of life–this monumental moment in your journey of being committed to SOAR!, being on your way to become a successful photographer…How do you feel?   Are you excited, afraid, alone?  What colors are you wearing?  If we saw your true insides, what would they look like right now?  What object would symbolize this time in life?  What angle would you shoot it from and why?

I realized in doing this exercise that I was really struggling with the idea of who I was - the truth is that I've been feeling a little lost. I realized that as much as I'd like to think of myself as the adventurous type, I really do like to have structure and familiarity. When I moved from New York to Chicago, I left behind the friends I had made and a support system that I had grown used to. Even though moving to Chicago was really exciting for me and I was happy to be getting back to the midwest and closer to my family, I underestimated how hard it would be to build a new life here. I struggled with doubt and insecurity every step of the way - was I worthy and good enough to start a new business in a city where I didn't know anyone, would I meet new friends here and would I grow to feel like this was really my home? I'm sure everyone struggles with these thoughts whenever they start a new adventure in life, but I kind of thought I would be used to these feelings by now, after all I had moved from Milwaukee to New York, moving to Chicago should've been like moving back home.

The photo of me with my back to the mirror symbolizes where I'm at right now - trying to find my identity in a new city and in a new point in my life. I'm still looking back, but trying to move forward.

The picture of the inside of my fridge is the "object" that I think represents this time in my life - I have all the ingredients, I need I just need to get creative with how I mix them together and start cooking - metaphorically speaking.

Picture credits: © 2010 Suzy Rohan 

Friday, January 22, 2010

Awesome Concert (Brandi Carlile)!!!

So I went to see Brandi Carlile last night at the Pabst Theatre in Milwaukee, WI last night - what an awesome show! It felt great to bask in the energy and vibe that artists who have truly perfected their craft seem to give off.

The show was a mix of emotions - heartache, growing pains and light happy moments accented by some of the coolest covers I've seen - I especially loved it when she covered "Mad World" (I've still got chills...). For a in-depth description of the show click here.

Oh, and the twins (
Phil and Tim Hanseroth) with their cover of "The Sound of Silence" was amazing - and little eerie... (youtube songs are from previous shows - still waiting for the Milwaukee show uploads)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

An Apple a Day

I'm adding this calendar from VikDesign to my wish list (available on their Etsy store) - and maybe it will save my coffee maker and refrigerator from being covered with fruit stickers! It's also a cool way to keep track of your fruit intake - I'm thinking this will work with all kinds of fruits - not just apples...

Picture credits: © 2010 Suzy Rohan (apples) & VikDesigns (calendar)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Food for thought

In addition to eating food, I pretty much have noticed a pattern of loving anything having to do with it - movies, artwork, books... you name it, if food is involved, I'm there.

I'm not sure if it's the artist in me, but I've always thought food brings so much to the table (no pun intended, well, maybe just a little) - and if you've ever noticed, at most parties, somehow everyone ends up in the kitchen. Food fills you up when you're hungry, it comforts you when you're down and it can bring you back to a place in time. I can't count how many of my memories involve food... Christmas time at my Grandparent's house in Florida and my Grandma trying to force me to try pickled herring (sorry Grandma - yuck!)... the bakery where I had my first job in high school and the smell of frying doughnuts on early Saturday mornings... visiting far away places - the fries in Amsterdam, the cassoulet in France... my wedding - the wedding cake with the buttercream frosting on it (how I wish I had a piece of it now).

Here's a taste of my favorite food themed things...


Like Water for Chocolate
Tortilla Soup

Eat, Pray, Love
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (just started reading this)
The Soup Bible (a cookbook by Debra Mayhew)

Food Shopping
The French Market (Chicago)
The Grand Central Terminal Market (NYC)

Claudia Pearson's Food Inspired Calendars & Tea Towels

The Chocolate Company

Dream Kitchens
Monet's Kitchen at Giverny

Rick Bayless' Outdoor Kitchen

Picture credits: Claudia Pearson, The Chocolate Company, Ariane Cauderlier, Farmer Jay