Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An American Flea Market

I won't go into why I've been on a blogging hiatus recently except to say that it's been an extremely busy last couple of months! In fact I realized that my last post was around the same time that I started my Fundamentals of Digital Photography class at the Chicago Photography Center.

The class lasted around 7 weeks and I learned so much! Not just about how to use my camera but also about the art of photography and a bit about photojournalism that I had never even considered. Did you know that a photojournalist can't request someone to move or pose in a certain way when setting up a shot?
Click here to find out the rest of their code of ethics.

Our final class project was to tell a photo story using the following elements as a guide:

1. Headline
2. Scene Setter or Overall Image
3. Sense of Place
4. Environmental Portrait
5. Close-up Portrait
6. Human Emotion
7. Interaction
8. Relevant Detail
9. Closing Image/Ender

So without further blabbing - here is my final project entitled, "An American Flea Market"

Also excited to share that I was mentioned in a few of my friend's blog posts (below). Just wanted to give all of these talented folks a shout out - not only have they been great friends, they've also been great teachers!

Special Thanks to:
Jenn Gaudreau of Jennifer Kathryn Photography | Jenn let me second shoot with her on this engagement session

Joan Cinquegrani of Five Grain Events | Check out Joan's blog which features the latest people/vendors she's been meeting with

Otto Rascon of Otto Rascon Photography | Otto let me be his "dos shooter" for this wedding

Picture credits for "An American Flea Market": © 2010 Suzy Rohan