Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No worries mate!

Do you ever feel like you had planned to accomplish so much more in a year and somehow time has just sort of passed you by? I started to feel that way this year. But then, when I finally gave myself a moment to really reflect on where I was last year at this time, and all of the plans that I had for the coming year, I've really accomplished more than I thought... I bet you have too - if you take the time to look back. Maybe that's what all of the year end blog posts are all about - catching your breath for a moment - reflection time!

So here I go... *deep breath*

Last year at this time, we were in the process of looking for a permanent home - which at the time seemed like an impossible task. I had just wrapped up teaching a four-day-a-week semester of teaching in Milwaukee and was feeling like my design business was unintentionally taking a back seat, and I hadn't been photographing as much as I had wanted to. The (feral) kittens that we had adopted that fall were just starting to come out of their kitty condo to explore the rest of the house, but were no where near letting us pet them.

Looking back, all of the fears and apprehension I felt about these things had been needless. My problems seemed to resolve themselves - we found a house that we love (with a little studio for Lily Red), I only teach one day a week now, I had an absolutely amazing summer full of second shooting opportunities, and my kittens are now snuggle-friendly and refer to us as, "mom & dad."

We also took as amazing trip to Australia to visit family, and I learned a little expression from the wonderful people there... instead of saying, "sorry" at the drop of a hat as Americans (or at least some of us) have a tendency to do, Australians say, "No worries!" - note, this usually followed by, "mate."

I love that expression! Reflecting back on what I thought were my worries last year, it looks like, "no worries" will be my motto for the new one.

Here are some of my favorite shots from our trip to Australia...

Bondi Beach // Sydney, NSW Australia


The Botanic Gardens // Sydney, NSW Australia

I spy Steve - in a reflective state...

These bats/rats with wings (scientific name - flying foxes) were hanging out in the daytime.
It freaked me out a little - I felt like I needed a racket and laundry basket...


Brunswick Neighborhood // Melbourne, VIC Australia
I loved the Brunswick neighborhood!
Check out this awesome interactive map to see the street view:

National Gallery of Victoria // Melbourne, VIC Australia
I have to admit, I sometimes roll my eyes when I see people taking pictures in an art museum, but I really couldn't help it - I loved these sculptures and their placement in the gallery!

...and the subject matter and light in this painting (title: Anguish)...

Around Melbourne...
the morning sun reflecting off this building is having a crazy/awesome effect that I've never seen before!

Night view of the Yarra River // Melbourne, VIC Australia


Happy Holidays & No Worries for the New Year!